What we do

Maryosa focusses on the empowerment of young people in developing countries, through talent development and capacity building. Besides that we partner with other organisations with similar missions and visions.

Talent development

Empowerment through education

Maryosa aims to give people the oppurtunity to (further) develop their talents, for example by providing financial support for their education. We do not target those young adults who have high grades and will earn a scholarship, but rather, young people who show potential through their motivation and pro-active attitude, who show a drive to develop their talents, and who are willing to use those talents to build their community.

Capacity building

Financial competence

Maryosa wants to empower young people. One of the ways in which we do this is by providing them with financial skills through coaching and training. When somebody grows in their financial management skills, while at the same time developing their talents, they have a firm basis for a self-reliant life, and a rich source of information and experience to pass on to the community!


Together we are stronger. That is what we believe. By connecting and partnering with other organisations we can join forces and and support each other. That is why we partner with organisations in both the Netherlands and in Kenya.