Who we are

Our mission and vision

Maryosa Foundation is working for a world full of self-reliant people, who continuously motivate and support each other.

Maryosa wants to penetrate to the core of a problem, and look for a solution to that problem together with the target group. In this way we want to promote self-reliance. Our target group are teenagers and young adults, mostly coming from developing countries.

Our objectives

The goal of Maryosa is to support and advance the development of talent of people in developing countries. With its objectives the organisation aims to serve the public interest.

Our story

Maria Sybilla Rosa Palmen was the full name of our aunt Rose, a beautiful name for a beautiful person, who had beautiful ideas.

A good education, development of individual talents, care for each other—that is what mattered to her. And she wanted the progress towards this ideal of hers to continue; she wanted this torch to be kept lit as a holy fire.