This is Simon Kerandi Nyambega.  He lives in Nairobi with his wife and children.

Simon grew up in Molo, an other part of Kenia. Life there was hard. Simon’s mother was without education and had to work hard to take care of her children. Their father lived in Nairobi and was addicted to alcohol, not capable of taking care of his kids.

During primary school, Simon was sponsored by a Katholic mission school, and when he finished it, there was no money for high school. By working as a waiter, and by support from others, he was able to join high school one year later, and finish it. Because he had high grades, he started dreaming of university, but because of fights in his family he wasn’t able to go. Discouraged, he had to let go of his dream of studying.

In the last ten years Simon worked to take care of his family, and besides that he focussed on voluntary work for teenagers, in Nairobi, as well as in Mombasa. He even started his own foundation.

His desire to study theology, and therefore deepening his knowledge for his work at teaching teenagers, stayed in his heart all that time.

Because of the Maryosa study support program, Simon has started his study theology in September 2017. It will help him to be a better youth worker, and to encourage more people to never give upt dreaming. While he attends classes, he continues in teaching teenagers in extra classes at high schools. Besides that, he is being trained by Maryosa, to incorporate the financial capability program in his teachings.