Mission and vision

Maryosa Foundation is working for a world full of self-reliant people, who continuously motivate and support each other.

Maryosa wants to penetrate to the core of a problem, and look for a solution to that problem together with the target group. In this way we want to promote self-reliance. Our target group are teenagers and young adults, mostly coming from developing countries.

We believe in the power of good education for the development of young people. First and foremost, Maryosa wants to help young people to channel and develop their talents. That way, they won’t only reach a good place in society, but also be ready to contribute to the development of that society. We invest both in individual talents and in the power of the community.

Where there is a will, there is a way. We hope to support many motivated young people with a strong will. The way, we will build together. The building stones for this path are: self-confidence, autonomy, self-reliance, competence-building, connection, and continuity. We will provide these people with the building stones and walk the path with them as long as needed, so that eventually, they will walk out their road themselves.