Give talent a chance

We train and coach people and support them in their education, helping them to develop their talents. We do this for their own benefit, and so that thay may pass on their newly learned skills to the people around hem, serving the community.

What we do

Educational support

We give financial support to young adults to pursue (further) studies. With that education they can develop their talents, improve their job prospects, and so, become more self-reliant in their lives. Furthermore, they can pass on their newly learned skills and experiences to benefit others.

Financial skills

We train young leaders in basic financial skills, such as keeping an overview, budgeting, and saving. With such compentences they then offer similar courses in their community, helping others to gain awareness and make better financial choices.


Together we are stronger. That is what we believe. In connecting and partnering with other organisations we can combine forces and and support each other. That is why we partner up with organisations in both the Netherlands and in Kenya.

“Maryosa came in at the moment I needed them the most.”
Diana Nyalik (22)
“I use the things I learn during my studies to better equip other young people for their lives.”
Simon Nyalik (35)
Student Theology
People living below poverty line
Young people with a high school diploma
Higher education attendees

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